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Tom Brady recently came to the defense of his personal trainer regarding the positive health benefits of green supplements.

Tom Brady and his personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, had some explaining to do over allegations of the latter’s “troublesome past” including the usage and promotion of green supplements according to CBS Sports. Brady—no stranger to public scrutiny and media attention—was quick to defend his trainer and Guerrero’s unconventional approach to …Read More

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Pumpkin smoothie

Fall is for comfy sweaters, changing leaves, and—whether we love it or hate it—pumpkin everything. Ditch the high-calorie, sugar-laden pumpkin lattes and muffins and try a smoothie instead. Kristine’s Kitchen Blog introduced this Pumpkin & Apple Breakfast Smoothie last fall and its nutrient count is just as appealing as its …Read More

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Eat Your Greens For More Brain Power

The impact of vegetables on the body is widely known—regular eaters enjoy a slimmer waistline, glowing skin and hair, and a healthy digestive system to name a few benefits. What they might not realize is that researchers have also found a direct link between brain functionality and leafy greens. Learn …Read More

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Fall is filled with tons of delicious food provided by Mother Nature herself. Take advantage of the fruits of her labor by cashing in on pears and grapes when they’re in this peak season, and freeze them so you can enjoy them in smoothies and new green drink creations all …Read More

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When the seasons start to change and the colors of the leaves start to turn vibrant reds, yellows, and golds, it is probably time to have your long-sleeved clothes on standby. Before you forego your smoothie routine in favor of unhealthy hot sugary substances, add this colorful cranberry and orange …Read More

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Rich Berry and Apple Cider Smoothie -- healthy green energy drink you can make straight from home

Don’t let your health goals slip just because of colder temps. You can still make juices and smoothies for breakfast even in the fall and winter. This simple rich berry and apple cider smoothie is perfect for fall! It’s what we call natural green energy drinks. You’re sure to love …Read More

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Almond Joy Inspired Smoothie

Looking for a little smoothie inspiration? Check out this Almond Joy inspired smoothie! It’s a healthier version of those little heavenly candy bars. Sure, it doesn’t taste exactly like the real thing, but it’s a cool creamy way to handle your sweet tooth without destroying your health goals. Plus, it’s …Read More

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It’s cold and flu season, which means the majority of us are either currently sick, recovering, or about to get sick. Learn 8 fun facts about the common cold. Keep a 6-foot distance from a sneezing sick person. Germs from a single sneeze can travel up to a distance of …Read More