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Afternoon Energy Smoothie Recipe

Most people understand what we mean when we talk about the 3:00 energy drop.  It happens to almost everybody.  The clock hits that pivotal point when energy drops a thousand times faster than the minutes on the clock move. If this sounds familiar, we have an afternoon green energy drink …Read More

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10 Tips for Healthier Living

On the road to a healthier lifestyle, there are a few things you should know. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Small changes yield big results. It’s about progress not perfection. Any action you take toward improving the quality of your life through diet or exercise is …Read More

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8 Best Foods to Eat after a Cardio Session

With the fitness community abuzz with thousands of different green drinks and supplements, it can be hard to separate health facts from fiction. Nutrient dense foods are not only vital to your day-to-day diet, they should be considered a mandatory addition to your post-workout routine. Keep a short list of …Read More

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Are you one of those people who realizes that you have to get fruits and vegetables into your diet every day to be truly healthy – but you just can’t seem to get your required 5 to 7 servings every day? There’s a way to do it that is easy …Read More

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Spinach Orange Green Drink Smoothie Recipe

It’s true that healthy eating results in healthy cravings, but it doesn’t mean your daily green drink won’t get a little boring from time to time. Perhaps it’s time to ditch the same old ingredients and try something new. The beauty of smoothie making is that your possibilities are only …Read More

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raw food diet green drinks

Raw food diets have steadily gained in popularity over the past decade with countless recipe books, diet plan websites and even raw food restaurants popping up all over the planet. Essentially, following a raw food diet includes the practice of eating only uncooked and unprocessed foods. This means a whole …Read More